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FAQ of Hand-Blended Bar Harbor Tea

1. Do you do your own blending?

Yes. All teas, all ingredients are selected by us and blended in-house. 


2 . Where do the teas come from?

The base tea is not generally grown in the U.S. We import our teas from all of the traditional tea-growing regions of the world, such as India, Africa, China, as well as small tea growers

3. Are your teas gluten free?


3. Do you buy from someone else and just put your own label on it?

No. We are authentic. We're starting from scratch.

4. Are any of your teas caffeine-free?

Yes.  All of our herbals are completely caffeine free.  We also have decaffeinated green and black selections available. 

5. How long will it take until I receive my online order?

Packages generally ship out in a day or two once order is received.

6. What method do you ship via?

Generally USPS. 

7. Can you send this item as a gift?

Yes. You may include a note that it is a gift and we are happy to include a message from you.

8. How long is tea good for?

Once opened, we ask you to use it in 1-2 years for best results.

9. How do you store the tea?

In an airtight container, out of light, away from humidity.  A kitchen cupboard it perfect. 

9. How do I brew the tea?

Each tea has different brewing instructions. Please see the label. 

Generally speaking, 

Black tea brew 4 minutes at 212 degress

Green tea brew 3 minutes at 180 degrees

Herbal tea brew 4-6 minutes at 212 degrees.

10. How do you make iced tea?

Follow hot brew method, let it cool, pour over ice.  Add your favorite sweetener if desired.  

11. What is the material of your teabags? Is it plastic?

It is an advanced material which is 100% compostable and derived from corn starch.  

12. Are the Dunoon mugs from England?

Yes. We import them directly from England. These are not seconds, they are first quality imported directly from the factory.  We are one of the largest suppliers of Dunoon in the United States.

Important Information Regarding Deliveries


With the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, internet commerce is at an all-time high, creating unprecedented demand and high levels of residential deliveries for our package delivery partners. This is creating some challenges which are keeping us from serving our customers the way we want and the way you deserve. We apologize for the inconvenience to you, our faithful customers.


While we've estimated delivery dates as accurately as possible, there may be delays from US Postal Service as they're experiencing large volumes and employee shortages. If your order takes longer than expected, we're very sorry and appreciate your patience in allowing a few extra days before contacting us. If you visit the USPS site, you will see the following alert on the homepage: ALERT: USPS IS EXPERIENCING UNPRECEDENTED VOLUME INCREASES AND LIMITED EMPLOYEE AVAILABILITY DUE TO THE IMPACTS OF COVID-19. WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATIENCE.


Further complication matters, USPS is not providing updates to tracking numbers as per usual.  Oftentimes, items are not scanned after leaving our facility so it appears to you, the customer, as it has not shipped.  Rest assured, we are regularly shipping orders as they arrive.  

If you provided us with your email address during checkout, an order confirmation and tracking number will be sent to you via email.  If you did not receive the email, please first check that the email address you provided was correct.  Secondly, please check your spam folder.



With the unprecedented level of demand, limited availability of many products, and extended package delivery delays, our Customer Support Employees are very busy with phone calls, emails and chats trying to serve Customers. We’re very sorry if you experience long wait times, or it takes a few days for us to respond to your email. Rest assured, we’re doing everything possible to ship quickly and answer all customer communications in a timely manner. Again, our website, has the most accurate product availability and delivery information.

We're very sorry for the product availability issues, package delays, and communication issues. Thank you very much for your patience, understanding, and loyalty. We sincerely appreciate your business.  Please get in touch with us if there is any further assistance we may provide.


The Team at Bar Harbor Tea Company 

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