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4 oz

No Added Sugar, Not Cultivated Berries, Pure & Simple

Non-GMO With No Additives Such as Sugar, Oils, Or Flavor Enhancers

Not Cultivated High Bush Blueberries But Coveted WILD Blueberries That Are Wild Harvested

A proprietary low-heat drying method is used to retain 100% of the important nutrient-dense skin and has nutrient levels similar to fresh berries. Our non-GMO berries are packaged in their natural dried form, without adding any high-calorie sugars, oils, or other additives such as preservatives, color, or flavorings. Low-bush wild-harvested wild blueberries are more revered than cultivated larger high-bush berries. Look for the important word WILD in front of the word blueberry as these wild berries are not to be compared with the larger cultivated variety. Use as a snack or add to any food or baked goods. Store in a dry, low-humidity area and keep bag sealed between uses. Do not take if allergic to blueberries As a small woman-owned company, we only sell what we ourselves would consume. See all of our healthy products on our website including chaga mushroom & wild blueberry teas, fruit powders, and mushroom & wild blueberry skincare.

Whole Dried Wild Blueberries

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